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Caffeinated Mama: Why I choose to Gently Parent

During the 9-months of my pregnancy I spent hours upon hours researching everything I could about being a parent but I can honestly say the one thing I think I missed was the concept of a “parenting style”. As it turns out, you are required to pick only one and follow every single related rule exactly. You have only 9 months to decide so think fast! Not to mention, if you don’t choose the right method you will spend the rest of your life regretting your parenting choices because after all you are 100% to blame for every single bad choice your child makes. Talk about pressure!

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Gentle Parenting With a Disabled Partner (Part 1)

“Unlike many parenting teams, however, there are times I am not able to rely on my husband’s help. Times he is laying down with a migraine, or hurts to be touched, or can’t speak, see, hear, or get out of bed. At times, I feel alone. Sometimes, I feel angry, not with him, but with our situation, with the fact that my partner is not always my partner. Sometimes he is just as dependent on me as our three and five year old girls. There was a time he was my balance point-when I was over stressed, on the verge of snapping in a Hulk-like way, he was calm and could talk me down.”